12FT CARP 2.5lb
12FT CARP 2.5lb 22 730 Ft Készlet: Raktáron (2 db)
KORUM ALLROUNDER 11 1,25LB 22 500 Ft Készlet: Beszerzés alatt
KORUM CARP ROD 13ft 3.5lb
KORUM CARP ROD 13ft 3.5lb 23 760 Ft Készlet: Raktáron (5 db)
Cikkszám: KCROD/01
Készlet: Raktáron (2 db)

22 730 Ft

These dependable, slimline carp rods are designed for all modern carp fishing methods. From feeder fishing, PVA bagging or simply putting a lead at range, these rods have all the backbone and playing action required to cope with even the biggest of casts and largest of carp. The understated graphics, abbreviated handle and ergonomic rear grip give the rod a great look, whilst the hard-wearing rod guides and line clip offer great functionality. Carp fish in style with Korum Carp Rods. Korum Carp 2.5lb The lightest test curve in the range but still packs plenty of punch. Ideal for smaller venues with a playing action that’s ideal for margin work or shorter casts. The progressive-action tip will prevent hookpulls, whilst the steely butt section provides the grunt needed for casting Method feeders, leads and PVA bags. • Optimum Casting Weight: 2oz • Line rating: 8 -15lb. Korum Carp 3.5lb The most powerful rod in the range, this blank has loads of grunt for big casts with heavier payloads. Comes with a 50mm butt ring for increased casting ranges. Awesome for leads, PVA bags and larger Method or maggot feeders, with a nice steely playing action when chasing big fish in weedy or snaggy environments. Loads of power – be the envy of your mates. • Optimum Casting Weight: 3oz-5oz • Line rating: 12 -18lb.

Cikkszám: K0330011
Készlet: Beszerzés alatt

22 500 Ft

Cikkszám: KCROD/10
Készlet: Raktáron (5 db)

23 760 Ft